Selected collections

The League of Nations archives are largely organized according to the various administrative sections that existed during its time, such as the Political Section, which addressed various diplomatic issues and conflicts, the Health Section, which tackled a number of international and global health topics and concerns, the Mandates Section, which focused on the League’s administration of the various territories under the mandates system as created by the Treaty of Versailles.
A selection of the materials digitized, divided by section, is available here.
Please note that this is only a selection provided with simplified descriptive, and complete materials will be able to be accessed via the archives catalogue.


Political section

The Political Section dealt with the majority of conflicts and disputes that were brought before the League and is one of the most heavily used part of the collection. Here you can find a collection of the Registry Files of the section, covering 1919 to 1927 and encompassing a wide range of issues from around the globe.

Political Section


Official documents

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